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Proven ability to build, optimize, and lead regulatory affairs, environmental compliance, and sustainability processes that promote the long-term success of the corporation and build consensus with internal and external customers.


Highly  accomplished  manageroffering  a unique  pairing  of thought  leadership,  innovative  business  development,  and strategic  program  design  and execution  to improve  corporate  profitability  and while sustaining  environmental  quality. Regarded by colleagues as articulate with strong communication skills; someone who understands both the strategic and technical nature of environmental compliance, regulatory issues, and sustainability initiatives and that can direct a team for success.  Directs project resources efficiently and fosters a team philosophy predicated on the attainment of short-­ and long-­term goals.



  • Strategic  Planning & Execution
  • Relationship Management
  • Project & Team Leadership
  • Process & Procedure Optimization
  • Risk Management

  • Complex Problem Solving

  • Cultivation of Regulatory Relationships
  • Interdisciplinary Team Leadership
  • Outreach to Government & NGOs




Lead an interdisciplinary team to draft technical documents that influenced U.S. and State regulations.

Developed a holistic solution to address compliance with a new regulation that was successfully communicated to cross functional leaders throughout the business.

Cultivated collaborative partnerships with regulatory agencies and NGOs to focus on a science-based approach to new regulatory initiatives.

Introduced innovative business opportunities, targeted at alternative uses for co-products.

Identified out-of-the-box solutions for process gaps and created documents that are used to facilitate standardization across multiple facilities in North American operations.



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